Peachy Skate Jewelry

Welcome to Peachy Skate Jewelry! I am Michy, I am a Los Angeles Skater and I enjoy making 3-D printed Jewelry for other skaters around the world. I am very passionate about skating. This year I am doing the 365 Challenge and I have skated everyday this year. I am very proud of this journey so far! 

How did this business come about? On my free time, I create and sketch designs for my jewelry business. I enjoy the process of printing and putting all the pieces together for the jewelry. I enjoy creating the design, using 3-D printers, and the process of hand crafting these earrings for you. I simply love making them. This is my hobby which I am incredibly grateful for.

I hope you enjoy wearing your Peachy Skate Earrings as much as I enjoy making them!

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